Tag - Mental Health

Facing the specter of burnout: Making clinician mental health a top priority

March 7th, 2023

Although physicians are trained to face life-and-death situations, they’re not immune to the physical and emotional toll that comes with them.

What healthcare professionals want in their careers

February 24th, 2023

Fostering a culture that supports provider wellness and work/life balance will increase provider retention and strengthen your recruiting efforts.

Physicians: How to get what you want in your career

May 19th, 2021

Finding a position with the right work/life balance, stability, compensation, and culture is key to your career satisfaction.

You deserve a moment of Zen

April 30th, 2021

A full yoga session, a mindfulness meditation, and two shorter stretching sequences designed especially for healthcare workers.

4 ways rural hospitals can alleviate provider burnout

April 28th, 2021

Rural healthcare organizations can take tangible steps to address provider burnout at rural hospitals and improve clinician mental health.